Not winning

Not winning

“Not winning, especially if this is how the news is broken to you about your couch!”

Motivation Thursdays with Mrs. Samuels

Pug sitting on a sofaHi friends,

If your dog didn’t chew up your couch today, you are winning. If we are using chewed up couches as a measure of success…Mr. Samuels, you are losing.

How do you measure success? Is your success defined by other people’s opinions? Is it defined by your bank account or job title? Your relationship status? How many people know your name? The weight your decisions hold? Your happiness?

Any of these are valid ways to measure success. However, the hard thing with success is people tend to see success as a future accomplishment. They rarely acknowledge the right “here and now”. They consider the struggle, the failed attempts, the “careless” risks as unsuccessful. I encourage you to stop what you are doing right now and name 5 things you are winning at. These don’t have to be major life defining accomplishments, but more importantly the small things that will get you to the life defining accomplishments. If you’re struggling to find 5 let me help you.

1. Did you get up and move your body or push snooze and enjoy a few more minutes of peace…winning.

2. Did you make a healthy breakfast or grab an extra-large coffee and pop tart…winning. (I love pop tarts)

3. Did you listen to calming music on the way to work or took a conference call…winning.

4. Did you make your bed or leave it a mess…winning. (Although I encourage you to make your bed, it’s scientifically proven to improve your mood)

5. Did you say good morning to someone and genuinely mean it…winning. (Is this something you still need to do?)

Don’t discount the small things. Celebrate your accomplishments every day, no matter how small they are. The world is really good at telling you how unsuccessful you are…DON’T believe it. And for those of you going home tonight to a perfectly intact couch…you are definitely winning!

I will be celebrating your success today, don’t make me celebrate alone!

Amanda Samuels, LMFT

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• Not winning, especially if this is how the news is broken to you about your couch!

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