Animal Services

Nevada 211 Feral Cat Management

Do you need help with feral cats?

Programs that neuter or spay feral cats that cannot be tamed and then release them back onto the street.

Nevada 211 Animal Licensing

Do you need animal licenses or control?

Programs that assist people in obtaining registration and licensing for their pet, in addition to reporting stray or lost animals.

Nevada 211 Animal Adoption and Rescue

Are you looking for animal shelters, adoption, and rescue?

Programs that provide services for individuals interested in the humane care, adoption and rescue of animals.

Nevada 211 Animal Training & Information

Do you need information on animal training and pet care?

Programs that provide training and information to people with animals.

Vet Services

Are you looking for animal veterinary care?

Programs that provide medical care and vaccinations for animals, including spaying/neutering.


Housing & Shelter

Includes Rental Assistance and Emergency Shelters

Children's Services

Includes Childcare Assistance, Clothing and Diapers

Utility Assistance

Includes Electric, Gas and Water