Maternity Services

Maternity Services

Nevada 211 Prenatal Healthcare Services

Do you need prenatal care or pregnancy services?

Programs that provide prenatal care for pregnant mothers and offer alternative pregnancy options and medical care for expectant mothers.

Nevada 211 WIC Programs

Do you need WIC benefits?

Programs that supply infant formula and/or baby food, usually in addition to other groceries and supplies.

Nevada 211 Pregnancy Testing

Do you need pregnancy testing?

Programs that test women to determine if they are pregnant.

Do you need breastfeeding support?

Programs that provide guidance on nursing an infant for expectant parents or new mothers.

Icon Nevada 211 Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Support Facilities

Are you looking for a maternity home?

Programs that provide a safe, secure living environment and supportive services for single mothers and their infants following birth.

Nevada 211 Immunization Resources

Does your infant need immunizations?

Programs that provide free or low-cost immunizations to infants during their first 30-60 days.


Services for Children

Includes Clothing, Diapers and Childcare Assistance

Substance Abuse Services

Includes Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Utility Assistance

Includes Electric, Gas and Water