Housing & Shelter

Nevada 211 Emergency Shelter Services

Do you need emergency shelter?

Programs that provide a temporary place to stay for newcomers, people in crisis, homeless individuals and youth.

Nevada 211 Day Shelter Services

Are you looking for day shelter?

Programs that provide shelter and/or bathroom facilities during the day for people who are homeless.

Nevada 2-1-1 Crisis Shelters

Do you need shelter because of a crisis, like domestic violence or sexual abuse?

Programs that provide temporary emergency shelter for individuals who have experienced violence and abuse.

Icon for Nevada 2-1-1 Rental Assistance

Do you need help paying your rent?

Programs that pay mortgage, rent and rental deposits for qualified people who are at risk of eviction and/or homelessness.

Nevada 2-1-1 shelters for homeless teens

Are you a teen in need of shelter?

Programs that provide shelter for children and youth who have run away from or have been pushed out of their homes.

Nevada 2-1-1 Homeless Drop-In Centers

Are you homeless and in need of a drop-in center?

Drop-in centers where homeless people can spend time during the day or evening. Services may include counseling and/or medication monitoring, personal hygiene supplies, facilities for showering, shaving, napping, laundering clothes, and other basic services.

Nevada 2-1-1 Homeless Prevention Programs

Are you danger of becoming homeless?

Programs that work to prevent homelessness by providing financial assistance and support services to help people remain in their current housing or move into new housing.

Nevada 2-1-1 Supportive Housing

Do you need supportive housing?

Programs that provide housing for individuals who, because of age, disability, substance abuse, mental illness, chronic homelessness or other circumstances, are unable to live independently without care, supervision and support to help them with daily living.

Nevada 2-1-1 Rental Assistance

Are you looking for affordable rental housing?

Privately owned rental housing that is available to low-income individuals and families at reduced rates. Rates are based on contracts between various housing authorities and the property owners.

Do you need transitional housing?

Programs that provide shelter and supportive services for homeless individuals and/or families with the goal of helping them live independently and transition into permanent housing.

Nevada 2-1-1 Furniture

Do you need furniture?

Programs that provide affordable new or secondhand sofas, chairs, tables, beds, dressers and other necessary home furnishings.


Healthcare Services

Includes community clinics, immunizations and health testing


Includes Food Pantries and Food Vouchers

Utility Assistance

Includes Electric, Gas and Water