Pregnancy Testing

photo of a woman speaking to a health care specialist

Nevada programs that provides pregnancy tests, limited ultra sounds, options and counseling for those undecided about their pregnancy, and medical referrals for prenatal services. Baby supplies/clothing may be available at some locations.

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Services for Children

Includes Diaper Assistance, Baby Formula and Childcare Referrals

Urgent Healthcare Services for Children

Includes 24-hour walk-in medical treatment for children and teens who have illnesses or injuries, or require immunizations.

Utility Assistance

Includes Gas, Electric and Water Bill Assistance

Mental Health Services

Programs that provide mental health resources, including counseling, crisis hotlines, medication support, testing, adolescent services.

Utility Assistance

Programs that offer financial assistance for gas, electric, and other household utilities.

Food Pantries

Programs that distribute food to people who are in emergency situations.