Veteran Services

Do you need help with finding veteran compensation and pension benefits?

Programs that that connect eligible veterans and dependents to the benefits and services they are entitled to by law. These benefits include health insurance, life insurance, pensions and/or burial assistance.

Are you looking for veteran health services?

Programs that provide medical care for eligible veterans, including primary health care and disability services.

Are you looking for housing services?

Includes veteran homes, homeless housing, and assisted living for those with disabilities.

Icon for Nevada 211 Mental Health Treatment Facilities

Are you looking for veterans hospitals?

Hospitals operated by the U.S. government that provide health care to eligible veterans.

Icon for Nevada 211 Mental Health Counseling Services

Are you looking for counseling for a veteran and/or their family?

Programs that provide counseling services to veterans and/or their families, including the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders.

Are you looking for veteran employment programs?

Programs that provide resume preparation assistance, job training, job search, and/or other services for veterans who need assistance re-entering the workforce.

Are you looking for military support services for your family?

Programs that provide support services to families of active military and/or veterans. Services include counseling, financial management, and relocation assistance.