Transportation Services

Nevada 211 Disability Resources

Do you have special needs and are in need of transportation?

Programs that provide door-to-door (or curb-to-curb) transportation for people who need special accommodations and are unable to utilize other available means of transportation.

Nevada 211 Senior Transportation

Are you looking for senior rides?

Programs that provide transportation for homebound or disabled seniors/non-seniors.

Nevada 211 Gas Money Assistance

Do you need gas money?

Programs that provide money or vouchers to individuals in special circumstances who need to buy gasoline.

Nevada 211 Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Are you in need of non-emergency medical transportation?

Programs that provide non-emergency transportation for individuals who require routine medical services and who, because of financial problems or their physical condition, are unable to use other means of local transportation.

Do you live in a rural community and are in need of transportation?

Programs that provide transportation planning and assistance to residents in rural communities.

Nevada 211 Bag Claim Facilities

Do you need a place to temporarily store your luggage?

Public lockers or other facilities where homeless people and travelers can temporarily store luggage or other personal items.


Healthcare Services

Includes Prescription Medication Assistance and Medical Bill Payment Assistance


Includes Commodity Foods for Seniors

Utility Assistance

Includes Electric, Gas and Water