STD/Syphilis Testing

Getting tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases is important for your health!

Right now, Nevada has the highest rates of syphilis in the United States. This sexually transmitted infection is caused by bacteria and spread through sexual contact. A person can have syphilis and not know it, but some people get non-painful sores or rashes on the skin.

If you are pregnant, you can pass syphilis to your baby. It can cause stillbirth and serious health problems for both you and your baby.

Getting tested is the best way to know if you have syphilis. If you do have syphilis, you need to start getting treatment as soon as possible. Syphilis is easily cured with antibiotics! It is important you start treatment early.

To get tested and/or treated, see your doctor, contact one of the clinics below or call 2-1-1 directly to speak with one of our call specialists for assistance.

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