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What is the Nevada Resilience Project

Never in our history have we had an experience like COVID-19 that has connected us while we’ve had to stay separated and isolated. In response to this global pandemic, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services has announced the Nevada Resilience Project, which encourages healthy coping and active management of stressors, building resiliency, and fostering compassion.

Our Resilience Ambassadors have been deployed statewide to support Nevadans coping with the effects of COVID-19. Resilience Ambassadors are working to ensure Nevadans have access to prevention and early intervention services. We understand the stress of working from home while having school-age kids, to feeling a sense of loss due to unemployment, the feeling of isolation, anxiety and disconnection, and the challenges of adapting to the new normal. Know there is someone who understands and people who can help.

The Nevada Resilience Project is funded through grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

How to Contact the Nevada Resilience Project

We have regional Resilience Ambassadors here to help you with whatever you need. From coping skills to mental health management, we are available if you need us.

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