Native American Services

Nevada 211 Tribal Clinics

Do you need a Native American health services clinic?

Health centers operated by Indian Health Services that provide medical services for members of federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes.

Nevada 211 Tribal Police Services

Are you looking for tribal police?

Tribal agencies that are responsible for enforcing the laws established by the tribe’s constitution, ensuring that orders of the tribal court are properly carried out, and providing security for tribal events.

Are you looking for tribal council offices?

Offices that serve as administrative centers for the governing body of Native American tribes or association of tribes.

Nevada 211 ITCN Programs

Does your child need an ITCN program?

Inter-Tribal Council child development programs that provide education, healthcare services, nutritional meals, counseling and other services for eligible children ages three to five.

Native American TANF

Are you looking for general assistance?

Programs that provide assistance to American Indians living in Nevada.


Health Care

Includes Community Clinics & Prescription Drug Assistance

Substance Abuse

Includes Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment

Utility Assistance

Includes Electric, Gas and Water