Mental Health Services

Nevada 2-1-1 Emergency Mental Health Services

Do you need emergency mental health care?

Programs that provide immediate assistance for individuals who are in emotional distress, are suicidal, or are a danger to themselves or to others.

Nevada 2-1-1 Mental Health Treatment Facilities

Do you need inpatient mental health treatment?

Programs that provide inpatient treatment for adults who have emotional disturbances.

Nevada 2-1-1 24hour Crisis Hotline Services

Are you looking for a crisis hotline?

Programs that provide immediate telephone support to people who are in distress.

Nevada 2-1-1 Mental Health Support for Children and Adolescents

Do you need mental health counseling for a child?

Programs that provide treatment of children and adolescents who have adjustment problems, behavior problems, emotional disturbance, a personality disorder or mental illness.

Nevada 2-1-1 Mental Health Counseling Services

Are you looking for a counselor or therapist?

Includes individual, family and group therapy.

Nevada 2-1-1 Psychological Services

Do you need psychological assessment or testing?

Programs that provide services for people who are experiencing psychiatric problems.

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Includes Emergency Medical, Inpatient Facilities

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