Education Services


Education Services

Are you interested in educational programs for adolescents, teenagers and adults?

Programs provide supplemental instructional services that are individualized or specialized to meet the specific needs and interests of learners.

Do you need financial assistance for tuition, student loans, or an educational scholarship?

Programs that provide assistance to students with financial need so that they can meet their educational and living expenses.

Icon for Nevada 211 Early Head Start and Preschool Programs


Are you looking for educational programs for your infant or child?

Programs that provides education and nutrition for young children ages 0 through 5, including school readiness programs and preschools.

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Do you need parenting education?

Programs that include child development, co-parenting, disability-related parenting, expectant/new parent assistance, and/or home-based education.

Do you need a list of Nevada school districts?

A list of head start, elementary, junior high and high schools that operate in Nevada.


Are you looking for higher education bridge programs?

Programs that provide assistance and support for individuals entering college with the objective of improving retention and ensuring that they have an equal footing with other students.

Does your child need a school readiness program?

Programs sponsored by states, local municipalities or local nonprofits that prepare children, usually age three to five, to succeed in school.

Are you looking for literacy programs?

Programs that provide reading and writing instruction for individuals of all ages who are unable to read or write at a functional level.

Are you looking for English as a Second Language (ESL) classes?

Programs that offer opportunities for non-English-speaking and limited-English-speaking adults to learn listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Also included are programs that provide English language instruction for younger people.

Are you interested in getting your GED/High School Equivalency?

Programs that provide instruction and testing for adults and eligible minors to measure the extent to which they have gained the knowledge, skills and understanding ordinarily acquired through a high school education.


Services for Children

Includes Clothing, Diapers and Childcare Assistance


Includes Food Pantries and Grocery Vouchers

Utility Assistance

Includes Electric, Gas and Water